Llanes The Blog is a journal of my journey towards my beloved Asturias. One full of creative explorations on its way. Reaching my quest is not the most important, but enjoying my journey is.

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You don’t have to be big to be great …

Portret Geert De DeckerGeert De Decker … 1969 – 2069 … I am a well-educated professional marketeer and web designer with about 30 years of international experience. It is my mission to inspire small businesses to take action in their own hands and work on their dreams. My step by step marketing guide with the essence of online marketing, and building a business, will guide them.

I believe in challenges to gain a wide as possible knowledge. Whether it is fashion design, cooking, 3D animation, illustration, art, web design, branding, inbound marketing, social media marketing, … All these experiences gave me a wide view on creativity, and helped me to gain success in various projects I realised.

www.geertdedecker.be … Free step by step marketing guide.
www.llanes.be … Journal of my creative journey to Asturias.

Realisations …

Web pioneer … As a pioneer in web design I designed my very first website in 1992.

Festival … For over 26 years I was the curator and co-organizer of the international “Independent Arts”-Festival. From a small exhibition it grew up to an international well known event with rewarded artists. As well it was part of the city marketing of the city Sint-Niklaas.

Art collection … During the years 1986 – 2009 I collected art from thousands of artists worldwide. My art collection is now located in the archives of the National Museum Reina Sofia Centre of Arts in Madrid (Spain).

Do It Yourself Fashion … Collection of garments and accessories achieved by assembling flat 2D textile pieces without any use of needle and thread. The assembly is done by a special system which provide the specific graphical look of a finished piece.

Art … As a little artist myself, I participated in a few exhibitions and some events world wide. From a young age I experimented in various techniques such as graphic art, stencil graffiti, rubberstamp art, collage, silkscreen, ilustration, drawing, painting, papier maché, …

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