La Gijonesa, Asturian products with a different jacket

La Gijonesa is a brand which offers Asturian products in a different packages than as we are used by now. There are many shops which offer Asturian products, such as fabada, sidra, the cheeses, … and so on. Generaly, all these shops have a rural look in their design, interior and look. But not La Gijonesa, as such it took my attention while I passed the shop by accident.

La Gijonesa sardinas

La Gijonesa, more than just design

What you notice at once at La Gijonesa is the exclusive colorfull design. But the products are not only handsome. They work directly with the best producers and offer nothing more than a selection with the highest quality. It is no wonder they gained as such success within the Gijón community. A returning element in their logo and design are the colorful beach tents of Gijon. Which aspires them to become a classic of the city.

Fabada and more at La Gijonesa

What we liked most so far is the acceptance by the people of Asturias. The Asturians living abroad, for study or work, and the people of Gijón has finally found a store to buy “with satisfaction” products we like such as cans, cheeses, jams, cider, white beans, …

You can find fabada, canned tuna fish, chocolates, sausages of wild pig, and so much more. Maybe you should try jam with the most richest and refreshing cider this summer. Indeed jam with cider. Ideal to take with some cheese, for around tea time or to enjoy a more sweet dinner. Most fans of Asturias take it even with a cofee in the morning. And if you want to surprise your friends you can send them an Asturian survival kit. So you can transform them in a few steps in a true Asturian like Fernando Alonso.

Beach house package

Usefull information …

Location … La Gijonesa – San Bernardo, 6 – Gijón
GPS … 43.544451 | -5.662509

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